Our goal is to offer our customers the best quality and lifestyle experience in a bottle, can, bag-in-box or glas to the most affordable price. Our beverage portofolios includes a number of popular wines, ciders, mixed drinks, beers and spirits from different origins and in many different styles. In addition, we have a keen interest in new ideas and new products. We work in close partnership with our producers and suppliers in order to find and develop beverages that suit the Swedish customers, both today and tomorrow. We follow trends and adapt to the market demand. We import existing products that fits the markets' needs as well as work with the supplier to change looks, taste and experience if needed. We also develop own products together with third party suppliers where we find opportunities in the market.

The Bevalta beer portfolio consists of mass market classic ale and lager beers, large volume manufactured wines and spirits. The portofolio also consists of Ciders and Mixed drinks.

Our idea is to differentiate ourselves with our partners through branding and price positioning that receive "best value for money" in each segment, and with products that match international, as well as national, brands in terms of quality. We also adopt to new trends such as bringing organic, low-calorie, fair-trade, glutenfree, climate compensated, special tasting and flavored products etc to the market.

We take responsibility and we don’t bring in low quality, child labored or GMO products in our assortment.


The Terroir assortment focus corely on premium and exclusive wines. The portfolio contains unique boutique and artisanal winerys that are passionated about their craft of making great wines. We work with modern innovators and new world terroirs as well as true traditionalists. The assortment contains of many wine styles and origins. We are picky about the wines we bring in and we are also picky about the outlets who are allowed to carry and sell them. Most of the portfolio is sold and managed by stock allocation to Guide Michelin, White Guide-rated and Award winning Bistros and Restaurants. All wines are hand-picked by our sommelier Rubén Sanz Ramiro.

Some of our products

Château L'Isle Fort, Château Montdoyen, David Sampedro, De Forville, Dhondt-Grellet, Didier Fornerol, Domaine du Closel, Dominino del Aguila, Ferrando, Finca Torremilanos, Günter Steinmetz, La Torre, Lemorton, Montenidoli, Peter Lauer, Pierre Yves-Colin Morey, Régis Rossignol-Changarnier, Vincent Pinard, Yannick Amirault etc.

XO Beer

We are devoted to changing the Swedish craft beer landscape by bringing the best craft beers from across the globe and match it with the right pubs, bars, bistros and restaurants in Sweden. We are end-user focused and we market our beverages directly to end-users via social media and influencers as well as exhibiting at tastings and exhibitions.

In the assortment you will find

Craft lagers, craft ales, porters, stouts, barrel aged, sour, and seasonal beers etc.

Selected Spirits

The Selected Spirits portfolio is our newest portfolio and contains a hand-full of top destilled craft spirits. The portfolio is aimed to drink specialist outlets such as bar, pubs, bistros and high-end night clubs as well as restaurants and roof-top bars.

The portfolio assortment contains of craft and artisanal vodkas, gins, rum, cognac and single malt whiskey.


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Warehouse address

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